Be determined

Often we have noticed, when we are happy we have so much of strength in us, and when obstacles occur in our life, we become weak. Why is it so? If we have decided to achieve something , then we should have a strong positive behaviour towards our goals. Don’t look back. No one can stop you if you don’t want to stop yourself. Have your leash in your own hands. Don’t let the outer situations control you. Getting carried away, with the situations happening around us, is the wrong behaviour.

We need to create positive thoughts within ourselves. And give the same effect to the people around us too. Our aura should be such that no matter what the situation is , but the negative thoughts won’t be able to touch us. We need to overcome the fear, in order to do what we need to do. Fear will take us nowhere, whereas will power is the only way to achieve what we want.

The negative situations which are coming through our way is to make us into a fine piece of jewel. As a goldsmith has to beat the gold metal in order to carve it into a unique piece of jewellery. In the same way god gives pain only to those whom he wants to become strong and beautiful internally as well as externally.

If Moksh is the ultimate goal of a person, then he or she has to be ready to bear the pain happily in order to balance the past karmas. Once all the accounts are cleared, then there will be a smooth way ready towards the path of Mukti for us.

Therefore, determination and will power will take us towards the way where we can attain our highest and most important goals of life.


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