Humility is the best policy

Every human being has its own importance in this world. Each one of us has something unique which make us different from each other. Inspite of certain good qualities, if a person is being down to earth, and does not show his or her importance, then that’s being modest in true sense.

I believe being humble is a feel good factor. We experience happiness within ourselves and give the same to others. It is the best kind of manure to nurture any kind of relationship. It is the asset, for all the successful people. Each one of us would love to be with a humble person rather than an arrogant one.

Humility leads to faster self improvement. If we develop humbleness as our nature, we can explore numerous other hidden qualities inside us. It’s like showering love on everyone and getting the same in return. Such a person is never ashamed of doing any kind of work. They can do any job from smallest to biggest without any fear.

Humbleness draws you closer to god. It gives us a link through which we can connect with god easily. But unfortunately humbleness in our society is not taken positively, rather people who are humble are considered to be as weak. How often have we heard people admitting their mistake? Not really, people are not ready to accept their mistake and instead trying to take a position of pride by doing wrong deeds.

The simplest way is to confess. If you are ashamed to confess in front of everyone, then other way is to do it when you are alone. It will make a lot of difference in yourself. So, believe in humbleness and make it a Sanskar of your life.


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