Self-confidence comes from truthfulness

It came to my mind when I realised it within myself. Generally people are more comfortable telling lies, as it gives them certain protection from facing the truth and in a way temporary happiness. Such people can never be confident and the lie will always show on their face. There will be some kind of hesitation while communicating with others which they will try to hide.So people who are self confident are always clear with their thoughts. A fake communication can prevail only for some time, but truth will always win in the end. Telling lies is a natural human behaviour to save oneself from the results of it. Try to be honest naturally, inhibit honesty in your thinking, actions and reactions. It’s very difficult, as it needs lots of courage to face the truth but the end result is as good as you want your life to be.So how does truth helps in life? You are fearless if you are honest. But one lie can lead to 100 more lies and you can be trapped in your own web. So why do we want to do it to ourself. Its a suffering which no one can cure. Truthfulness in relationships makes life easier to live and we become closer to each other. A great bonding is possible through truth and honesty. It gives an internal satisfaction in being honest. We should definitely give it a try and see what changes it will bring to our lives. So, either learn from your mistakes or be ready for the consequences.


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