Rejuvenate through mantras

If we want to relax mentally, then chanting mantras can be very effective. If we make a point to chant certain mantras daily, it gives us immense power and charges our brain and body as well, for the whole day. Mantra s can be said loudly or silently. Repeating them loudly will focus concentration on sound and repeating internally, the inner sound becomes the object of concentration. So if at all we believe in god then, the real way of pleasing god is with mantras. It creates vibrations in our body, which energises us. Mantra s can be used for specific purpose like, spiritual development , healing diseases or attainment of worldly desires. The power of mantra increases as the repeating of them increase. We should pay careful attention- To the speed and rhythm of chanting.-The correct pronunciation. -The aim.-Meaning of the mantra. Mala can be used to count the number of times we are chanting. It improves our concentration and helps to keep a track on how many times we have chanted. Mantra meditation increases concentration, improves memory and focus. Physically it lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and heals, rejuvenates and relaxes.It builds self confidence and self empowerment, reduces stress and balances the emotions. It is a path towards self realisation and wisdom. There is an increased flow of oxygen and blood in our brain while reciting mantras. Now the question is why to repeat them 108 times. So there’s a logic behind this figure. There are total 108 energy lines which are said to intersect to the main energy centres called the chakras. In 108, 1 stands for god or higher truth, 0 that is shunya stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity. So without thinking much , discover the power of mantras within and charge yourself internally and externally.


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