Success is not Happiness

We are often confused with the thought that happiness is related to success. If someone has achieved what they want in their life we say they are successful. But at the same time all successful people are not necessarily happy. There are lot of people who are not able to do what they want in their life due to some reasons , but still are happier and enjoying their lives. Don’t compete or compare with others. Never allow people to dictate you the definition for your success. It’s something which will happen naturally if we are joyful.Happiness lies within us. And we are finding it outside among people, material things and situations. We are trying to create such situations which will give us happiness. The fact is, if we love what we are doing than, that’s real happiness. There are lot of negative situations and people we come in contact with. Let go! Is the only solution to it. This does not mean to hate them, But letting the situations go, will allow us to love ourself and others.It’s our thinking that makes us happy and not the things that we have. Have you ever noticed that we feel more happy when we give something to others rather than when we get something. Happiness comes always from our heart. There’s nobody who can make us joyful or sad. It’s our own creation. So, our happiness should never be dependent on our success, as success will automatically come to us when we are happy.


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