Get what you want? Or want what you get?

We all have some desires which we want to fulfill. Now these desires can be fulfilled by working upon them constantly. Keep that single thought in your mind throughout… what you want from life. Work upon it and don’t give up. Nobody can stop you if you don’t stop yourself .

Our destiny is in our own hands. That’s why we say always think good. As wrong thoughts can cause disaster in our life. Sometimes what we think for others may happen with us. Therefore, clarity of thought is very important. If you have a strong desire of something then may be late or early but, it will come to you some day .

Mere thinking will not work. Keep on reminding yourself of the goal. Efforts and hard work and patience are must. Don’t give up. Push yourself out of the comfort zone.

On the other hand….success is getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get. Sometimes not getting what we want can be the most valuable experience of our life. So happiness is not always getting what you want but it’s loving what you get. So it’s like we have to be satisfied with what we have. I think happiness is in doing what u want and not, in getting things.

Therefore, we need to decide whether “we want” or “we accept”?”


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