A Treat of Joy

Joy is the best treat one can get. But we must understand the difference between joy and pleasure. These days what everyone is trying to seek is pleasure, which is temporary. Pleasure can be derived from things like watching a match or movie, drugs or any other addiction, someone performing well, traveling, etc. so these all activities are happening outside our body and depends on that particular moment when it happens. After that it’s gone. And, apparently we are trying to get it more and more. If that activity is not happening as per our wish we are not happy and always trying to control situations which are not in our hands.No great efforts or changes need to be done to experience joy. Joy lies inside us as it’s our own natural behaviour since we were born. But due to environmental experiences we have forgotten our own entity. It’s something we don’t need to find out and create. Simply loving ourself and others will help us to explore it again within us.Loving and caring for others and self is a great joy to live with. Experience it.


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