Which diet to follow?

Keeping healthy from inside is much more important than our outside body. If we are very much conscious of what food we are eating and following the dieticians diet to maintain our physical health, than we must follow a special diet for the inner being too, that is our soul. We are not the body which we look at, but the soul or energy within us.

To maintain a healthy soul we need all the essential diet which would enhance our inner health and beauty. Now what’s the diet and what recipe to follow?
Same diet cannot be given to all.Everyone needs different type of food to fulfill their deficiencies. So it differs from person to person.

Some have deficiencies of happiness and joy, some lacks understanding, some looking for peace, and some for patience. So the list is different with different people. If there’s a physical deficiency we can take pills and maintain ourself. But unfortunately , no pills are available in the market for inner deficiencies. So the option is to heal and become doctor of self.

We have been given immense powers to heal our inner thoughts. Just one thing is required…..want. If we want to, we can definitely do it. The ways of healing are also within us. So just look for that want inside, to change yourself and create a healthy and happy soul.


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