Transparency in relationships

Often we are more comfortable to talk with outside people and are able to express views among them freely. Whereas, in our relationships we have to see if the other person does not get hurt or dislike our views, because of this fear, that a particular person will feel bad…or we don’t want to ruin our relations, we don’t share things freely.

It’s something really odd which shouldn’t happen. Communication should be such that we are not confused or conscious of what we want to speak in front of each other. If we are hesitant in sharing things with each other then it’s not an ideal relationship. Whether it’s a mother daughter, father son, husband wife or any other relation…transparency is must. Exchanging thoughts transparently will make it healthy and more joyful.

We should be comfortable with our actions or conversations in front of each other. If not then you are not living transparently. Although it’s harder to follow as it requires efforts, commitment, and courage of course.We should express our point of view by being honest and straightforward. It will build trust amongst each other. Don’t hide yourself and learn how to be ok with your flaws and shortcomings. This will truly make relationships fantastic and easy to handle.


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