Charge yourself

These days almost everyone has a very busy schedule. We all get tired and stressed by doing little work. But we are capable of doing much more than what we do All we need to do is to charge our batteries and increase our productivity both mentally and physically.

How? The answer is yoga. It’s the ultimate gift you can give to your body, and then watch what wonders it will do for you. Getting up early and just giving 30 minutes to yoga is the best we can do for ourselves. Yoga has innumerable benefits…few of them which I have experienced are:

-Feeling more energetic

-improves concentration

-reduces stress

-increases patience

-relaxed mind

-increases capacity to work

-constructive thoughts

-healthy body

-less sleep is needed

-wake up fresh

And lots more as we keep doing it the list will become bigger and bigger.

Music too is a great therapist. Listening music for some time relaxes our brain. Singing songs or playing an instrument or dancing on to our favourite tunes will rejuvenate our physical and psychological well being.

So without thinking much we should try all the above and bring a beautiful change in our lives.


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