Illusion of life

To understand illusion or what we call it as maya is very simple, let’s see…

It is money and all material things of life. We say it’s a kind of trap or “ maya Jaal” from which it is very difficult to come out. If life exists maya will definitely exist. So, there’s no escape.

But actually what is illusion?

As soon as we enter into this world we come in contact with the environment which includes everything we see around us. We start doing our karmas and enter this cycle of illusion. The house we live in, our family and kids, our friends and neighbours, the car we have, our bank balance, our addictions, relationships and almost every single thing which we would love to have is maya.

If we love to be with it then we should be ready for the circumstances and its consequences. We all are ready to face the consequences of being attached to this trap, but cannot live without it. So we keep on moving in this vicious circle continuously. And because of this circle we are not able to understand that in the end, it’s the energy within us that’s gonna go and come back and not our body and material things.

Therefore, we should all focus on the purification of our energy by purifying our thoughts and karmas.


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