Nurture the relationships

If there is life relationships are something which we cannot run from. First comes the relationships with ourself, then the family, friends and neighbours, society…. We are the most important being whom with we need to maintain a healthy and good understanding. Explore within yourself who you are and what kind of personality? Our likes and dislikes.There are many plus and minus points too on which we need to work.
Therefore, lots of mending keeps on happening throughout our life while walking on this journey. We learn from our mistakes and change ourselves into a better being.

After managing ourself, comes the family. If we know how to maintain good relationship with self, then it becomes easy to do it with the family and friends too. Understanding and let go are very important. One thing which is necessary is respect. First,we should have self respect and then only we are able to give respect to others. So, it’s an interconnecting process.

Keep giving as much as you can and don’t expect to get it backā€¦sounds awkward? Yes,but that’s the most important part. If we learn this skill we can never fail with any kind of relationships and our journey of life will be full of beautiful memories to be cherished.


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