Experience Bliss

Bliss is the feeling of utmost happiness. Where to find it? Is it available online or have to go somewhere to search for it. Yes we are looking for bliss everywhere in all material things… but will never be able to experience it. All these material things around us can give us satisfaction of wants for some time and nothing else. And after that we search for something else to satisfy our wants and this process goes on and on. So, Instead of bliss it gives us a never ending stress.

So what’s the formula? Actually, we need to create this chemistry of joy within us. Bliss can be experienced anytime anywhere. Jus create it by the right mood and method. Wash away all the waste thoughts and make your soul fly like a bird. See how a bird or any other animal gets joy after jus eating food or feeding to their younger ones. But being humans our expectations are more than animals. And why not..being the smartest animal on earth we are given the privilege to do so. We are capable of inventing innumerable things but when it comes to bliss or happiness or joy… it becomes quite difficult for lot of us.

Finding joy in our day to day work is the best way to achieve it. If we don’t like the way of work we do then spend little time in doing things which gives us inner satisfaction. Don’t run after it and it will come to you automatically. Believe it or not, but you will be able to find it in such small things which you can never think of. You may get it by gardening, or feeding birds, or just observing nature….
So just,relax and seek your way towards bliss.


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