Earn it..

Respect can never be given or taken as a gift to someone. It needs to be earned. Age or kind of relationships doesn’t matter the level of respect. It is the efforts which counts. Showing Love, language used towards the person, let go attitude , behaviour, sacrificing things, understanding, caring, and I think lot of more things can be added to it.

So true, respect is not gained or received by just buying things or giving gifts to each other, but the emotions of a person should be valued. It takes lot of time to understand and build a healthy relationship. It’s pure give and take. You get what you give.

It can never be expressed in terms of words. It’s a natural gesture.

As far as disrespect is concerned, it’s too the same procedure. You get what you give. Children often disrespect parents because parents don’t respect them. After a certain age this comes in their habit, and they behave the same way. So in order to teach them how to respect..we need to show respect towards them.

So, what we need to do is to care about other people s feelings…and it will happen naturally.


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