Taste of life

We all love food with lots of spices in it. Same is with our life which is too full of spices. Some of the spices we like and some are unwanted. It’s just like cooking food as per your likings. If you like gossiping about people then it adds a bitter taste to your life. Love adds sweetness. Anger adds piping hot flavour to it.Calmness may take time but will serve you a perfect taste. Hard work will give you the perfect recipe of what you expected. Patience will serve you the best dessert you like. Politeness will give you sweets that you would relish. And yes don’t forget too much sweetness can cause diabetes too.

So what’s the perfect recipe for life. Nothing is perfect or imperfect. Each one of us have a different taste. Though the food served in many houses is same but the taste is different. Why following same recipe gives you different tastes. It’s because of our likings. Same applies to our life. No matter how much you try to copy a persons lifestyle but we will always end up with our own way of living. As two persons can never be same and that’s the beauty of life.

Its our attitude towards life which will help us achieve our goals. So,keep on trying till you get your perfect recipe.


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