No pain No gains

Try doing this. If there are things happening with us which gives us negative thoughts, never share. If there are things happening which gives us positive vibes , always share. Negativity when discussed will maximise it and disturb you as well as the other person involved in the discussion. Our mind become less receptive and couldn’t take right decisions when negative things happen. So first become calm and relax yourself. Announcing your pain to people will give you nothing but more pain.

Instead try to be stable at that point of time. Time will never be the same. It’s gonna change with seasons. Always be ready for both good and bad situations. Your personality should be such that, what ever the situation is, the mindset should be same. There s a saying no pain no gain.

Pain teaches us the real lessons of life. We become more strong. So never be afraid of such situations because they are turning you into a person with a perfect blend of life.


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