The Vishnu way to live

God Vishnu who s the preserver of this universe, gives us lots of inspiration about how to live life. He inspires us not to run after all the maya or the material life….instead keep fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, and the maya will serve us automatically like Laxmi serves Vishnu.

The snake on which Vishnu is sitting indicates time. Which shows that we are all coiled and surrounded by this time and there is no escape to it. So make full utilisation of whatever we can do at a given point of time without any excuses, as it will never come back and the unfinished tasks will need to be completed if not now then in future. So why not do it right now.

Lord Brahama who’s sitting on the lotus flower which comes out of vishnu’s naval in the morning and goes back inside at night while sleeping, indicates that when we get up in the morning the world comes into action and creation because of our consciousness. While at night while sleeping this consciousness stops for a while. But this doesn’t mean that the world has come to a stop while we are sleeping, as things are happening continuously at their own pace.

Therefore, Vishnu is nowhere but its we ourself. No need to search for him here and there. Just inculcate all these qualities and we can enjoy life the Vishnu way.


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