Love you to the moon and back?

Love is something which has no boundaries to it. If we love someone then we can go beyond the limit for him or her. Initially we make efforts and then it comes naturally to us. True love is not magic. It happens after lot of patience, sacrifices and efforts made between two people.

It often happens in marriage these days. You either are lucky if everything goes well naturally or can get screwed too if not working properly on it. Some people marry for fulfilling their physical needs, some for financial needs, some under pressure of other people and some just want to marry because everyone is doing it( social needs). But where is love in all these things. It’s getting lost. All of us have different definitions of love. For some , reason behind love may be the physical at first sight 🙂 which happens with lot of us in teenage. Some of us love not the person, but the material things attached with him or her. How is it possible to love someone just by one glimpse. We can say i like you but loving a person takes time. For this we need to spend time and know the person. As the time passes by we become more closer by taking care of each other and knowing the likes and dislikes.

If we see the whole picture, there is selfishness behind our love. We love another person becgause we love ourself. It’s always conditional. It’s only in between mother child where love is unconditional upto an extent. So the picture is quiet tricky where we are not able to make out the true sense of love. Best way is to look at everyone with a loving heart without any selfish motives.


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