Just Act Not React

The best life skill i think is keep going with the flow of life. Actions need to be taken on time. Thoughts are continuously running in our minds and we don’t know how to give a break to them. Some people have verbal diarrhoea, and some have mental diarrhoea. Lot of amoung us have a habit of thinking and thinking and it keeps on going which has no end to it. Which invites bad health both mentally and physically.

So the best remedy to it is always be in action. We should keep ourselves active in fruitful tasks. Whatever the moment, keep responding to it with unlimited responsibility, as it will never come back again.

Whenever something out of the track happens, we start reacting to it immediately without understanding the why behind it. Reacting to things will never help, instead try to understand it and take the required action. Always remember all situations coming to our lives is to teach us a lesson. So learn from them and make yourself a more responsible and strong person.


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