Life Mantra


Life is a continuous process of situations. These situations will come and go. What happened today at a particular moment will never ever be repeated again. So it is in our hands how to react to these situations. No moment is fixed it will go and the next moment will come.  Just keep playing your roles by fulfilling the responsibilities. Don’t expect but accept the situations.

What are we getting out of this life? Running after things one after the other. Still not satisfied .Finally what we want is the mental peace and happiness. All of us have a different definition of happiness. Some get it from money which will never be satisfied. Some from doing things they like. So basically it happens if you get what you want. And you keep running after it till you get it. In this process stress , anger, anxiety is created.

Happiness can never be felt from the activities happening outside. It is all temporary. It is something which is inbuilt in us. Don’t try to find it outside. Since our childhood it’s our basic nature but the problem is we have forgotten this nature of us, taking life too seriously. Achieving goals are very important but there should be dedication and not stress. Work hard with full involvement. Give your best. Don’t create stress.


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