Nurture the roots

While planting a tree the most important thing you take care of is, the roots. If the roots are damaged or week, then the tree will not survive. Roots are the base of a plant , taking care of it with fertilisers and proper attention will help it to grow in a healthy manner. Don’t think of the fruits , when the time will come it will drop automatically.

Future depends a lot on how you were born and brought up since childhood. What kind of Sanskars are given to you, family environment, school, friends, etc. If a child is pampered and given whatever he or she wants, then it will be difficult for him to cope up or adjust with the situations in life and he will never be able to accept other people s opinions. Therefore , no matter what happens, the child should never be pampered unnecessarily.

If we really want to nurture the child we have to give them good values. Values are not gifts that we give, and they accept it. We should exhibit these values in our own personalities, which is the only way they can learn. If we keep on saying them things, by repeating again and again, they will go in reverse direction. Rather we should keep quite and show such traits in our own personalities. The trick will automatically work.

No matter what we do to teach or give them good education they will learn as the situation demands. They should have the urge to accomplish their goals, a reason for why they want to become something . This ‘why’ is very important for them as it gives them fuel to work for the desired goals. There should be a purpose. Don’t push them. Therefore, if proper care is taken then, the plant grows into a tree and it will definitely shed fruits and give shade.


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