Be what you are


It’s the most important characteristic of our personality. Fake expressions and conversations doesn’t work for too long. Be naturalistic in what ever you do. If you don’t like something then express your self. Your likings are not meant for people to know, but it should automatically be shown. Which is only possible if you don’t fake your face. Your agreements and disagreements should be noticed… So that people cannot take disadvantage of you. No expectations from others to accept the way you are. But should feel fulfilled from within with your views. Opinions should only be followed if you agree to them. Believing on something people tell you through different kinds of stories will not work for too long and the life will get confusing. So don’t give up easily on your thoughts and views , rather try to find a reason behind each and everything. If you like to watch TV please do. If you like to do gardening it’s your choice. Don’t wait for peoples acceptance and appreciation.

Being what you are from inside will help you to get more transparency in your relationships. As Relationship should be nurtured with utmost care. If today you say one lie you are surely inviting trouble for yourself. Never be afraid of telling the truth as in future it will give you immense peace and clarity of thought. Try to be as clear and pure as water and the life will be as simple as that.


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