Do what you desire


What is that which is operating our mind , body and thoughts too. Accomplishment of what gives us happiness, what helps us achieve our goals and why are we living this life? Lot of questions but answer to this is only one.

In one word the answer is “desire”. Lot of spiritual people say that we should detach ourself from the outer world which is all nonsense. It’s better not to live rather then to be detached with the world. If we want to live in this world then there should be some desire. Without desire it’s like a driver who don’t know where to go.

The desire should be that much strong that when I want to do something I should think that my whole life depends on achieving this work. A player will kick the ball with full force if he has the desire to goal. He or she should think that it’s not possible to survive without it.

Do what gives you happiness. Don’t do what people want you to do. Otherwise u will never be successful in you work and your life will keep moving aimlessly. You should work on the desire of yourself and not others.


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