Change with the seasons 

Change is a very important aspect of our life. As our life is not stable.. even we can’t remain the same. We need to move ahead and change ourself as the situation demands. Can we stop the earth from revolving or hold the time?? No. We cannot stop any situation into our life as the good and bad events will come and go one after the other. 
The only thing in our hands is to change ourself according as the time demands. Transformation is the best way to live our life. If we meet a person after 10 years and he or she is still the same as before, then it’s clear that no transformation has happened in so many years. Which shows they are still struggling but not ready to change. Those people who are not ready to change are wasting their life and time too. No enjoyment in being rigid to your own rules and regulations. We should always be open to accept new ideas in our lives. Transformation is one of the keys for success.
Keep on changing yourself as per the events happening. Understand why these events are happening, and what will be the result if we change or not change.. evaluate carefully and then go ahead.
If the life is on, difficulties will be there, as that what life is all about. Your best stories will come from your struggles. Don’t be afraid and face it with full confidence. Happiness is waiting for you if you are ready to cross the hurdles and succeed. Don’t set boundaries for yourself otherwise you will be caught in your own jail. Change yourself with each and every season and respect the way it is.. as each season is going to teach you lessons for life.


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