Which spice you want in your life?

The spice of life lies In, good and bad things happening in our life. But due to our wrong perceptions we consider bad things as good and good as bad. Good things depends on how you perceive things. Bad things can be dealt with a positive mind set and accepting it as a challenge in life. But why is it happening? It’s because we are searching happiness in all those frills and fancies which are giving only temporary happiness to us. This is not the real pleasure which we are trying to seek.
Buddha was born with a silver spoon, still he was not happy with the comfort he had. He kept on searching for the real happiness in life inspite of being a prince. He was blessed with all the things a person would strive to get in life. But he knew that all these were of no value. His real pleasure was in oneness with god.
People seeking pleasure in physical things can never be satisfied as there is no end to it. They want more and more and one day they realise that all these things has no value. Life doesn’t mean trying to gain more and more things. For a beggar the only thing he need is food. When his neccisity of food is fulfilled he looks for shelter, and the process goes on and on. 
We have made the goal of our life as only to demand things one after the other. But are getting nothing in return except greed. Choosing right kind of spice or thought, right from the childhood can help in the selection of good and bad. It becomes easy to face any kind of situation in life. We can take the decisions correctly without any confusions.
So live life not with wants, but with satisfaction in whatever we have. Making our life simple and not complicated is in our own hands. 


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