Chanting mantras

There are such sounds which benefit our physical ,mental, and spiritual health. These sounds are called as mantras which if we keep repeating again and again, it gives us lot of benefits. We all know about Aum sound which is the starting sound of almost all the mantras. Aum itself is so powerful that if we chant it alone we can experience heaven on earth. 
Instead of Aum , the correct way of chanting is aaaaa ouuuuu mmmm. It will give you immense pleasure and repeatation of it purifies your soul. Your body and mind feels lighter from inside. It is not necessary that you say only Aum , in fact any mantra with which we are comfortable repeating it, can be as useful as we want it to be.
Correct pronunciations are very important. In Sanskrit the sounds are given more importance. Because sounds are the unique way of healing our minds and purifying our souls. So be careful about the sounds while chanting the mantras. We should know the meaning of the mantras we chant, otherwise they won’t be effective at all. Knowing what they mean makes them interesting and more effective.

Chanting is purely a feeling of bliss. We become thoughtless and our mind becomes fresh. It’s very good for the overall health of our body. They are full of positive energy. Chanting mantras give more oxygen to brain , good for reducing heart rate and blood pressure too.
So why not select any one mantra in our life and make a point of chanting it whenever we feel like , and see what difference it makes in the quality of our lives.


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