Ego your enemy

Can u imagine what all things ego can do to a person? What is ego. I, me , myself. Giving importance to self, being self centred ,etc. How does it feel? To few of us it feels great… thinking only of self which is selfishness. We get nothing out of this except temporary satisfaction and happiness from fulfilling our wants.

Life is worth when we live for the happiness of others and not for ourselves. That’s the real enjoyment. Leave egoism and go further. Egoism has no value in life and will fetch you nothing whereas living for the happiness of others will give you ultimate joy.
Thinking nothing for yourself and showering love to others….Is pure bliss. Only those who are satisfied with whatever they have with them can enjoy this bliss otherwise they keep on moving in the vicious circle of Moh and Maya , which is a never ending process and will give nothing except stress, worry , anxiety, loneliness, anger, hurt, etc.
When a person has ego, his body is full of the above negative aspects. He is ill mentally as well as physically. So why not leave such silly things , which are of no use and go further to see wonderful things that are waiting for us in life.
Don’t worry about your likes and dislikes. It’s of no use . Generally we always like somebody whose unlike us…and we enjoy more with them. If something happens it’s because of me and if it doesn’t happen then too it’s because of me. Do things for others with the feeling of love.
Ego will create only obstacles in life. Leave it, it’s your enemy.


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