Faith is the Guru

We all have so many dreams, and we wish them to come true some day. If we have faith in what we want to achieve in our lives it will be fulfilled in any circumstances. Faith is the pillar which supports us to accomplish whatever we want for ourselves and others too. 
If you have faith in a doctor, their medicines will work better, and if not you won’t be satisfied with the treatments. If you have faith in astrology the predictions will turn out to be true. The gem stones work really well if you have trust on them, otherwise they are just some other piece of stone. And the most important in this world….God will only support you, if you have faith.

Have faith in your thoughts, they will definitely change into words. Have faith in what you say to others, it will surely come into action . Trust in your actions, and it will automatically give you results. 
Faith gives you strength to fight against bad times. Make it your friend so that it helps you in ups and downs of life. So, its the Guru you need in your life to learn lessons on each and every step.It’s just like your mother which helps you throughout whenever you need her. So hold it’s hand and make the journey of life beautiful and successful.

It’s very simple… just believe in what you think. 


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