Gardening, the best stress buster!

Do you like to get your hands dirty in the garden? 
No! Then u must do it, it’s one of the best remedy to cure stress.You must be wondering, how gardening can help me, get out of stress. Believe me.. it’s one of the best medicines for stress you have ever thought of.

When we put our hands in soil, the bacteria present in it triggers the serotonin levels in our brain. It is also called as a happy chemical which acts as an anti-depressant . It also strengthens our immunity system.

Going to the garden, watering the plants, doing plantation, looking at the colourful flowers, smelling them, plucking the fruits and eating them fresh, adding fertilisers to the plants,etc gives us immense joy and satisfaction. It feels like we are doing something worthwhile.We are all aware of the benefits plants are giving us. Then why not do it?

Its a kind of workout which is good for your brain as well as body. It relaxes our brain muscles and makes us thoughtless, enhances our mood and makes us happy.

So without thinking too much just go gardening, and kill the stress inside you. 


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