No! No! to gossiping


It’s one of the favourite pass times amongst people. Whether it’s office , home , even temples , while talking on phone , or sitting with a friend in a restaurant….. most of us are doing it. Its totally waste of time and energy. And we gain nothing out of this except adding to our bad karmas. People who enjoy gossiping is like an addiction to them without which their day cannot end.

It is the worst thing we should do as it is ruining our relationships, our lifestyles and health too.I would suggest that we should not gossip and if possible stay ever away from people who do that. Exchanging wrong thoughts about people, will not help us at all. Its really affecting our health badly and giving us stress.

Now a days lot of people are becoming aware and avoid getting involved , but a large number of them still need to understand. Don’t waste time. Talking good about people is very difficult and need lot of efforts, but if we start practicing it , we will notice a great positive change in our personalities. You feel so light and relaxed from inside when you think good of people. And if we think good , definitely we speak good about them.

Best way to stay away from it is keeping ourselves busy and being easy.


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