Wanna be the happiest person?


As soon as the word happiness comes to our minds we think of lot of options which can make us happy. Some people will say may be their dream car or house can make them happy. Few will say when I do shopping it makes me happy. Getting good marks makes me happy and the list is long like going on a holiday, meeting friends and partying, phew!

But I think the real happiness lies in giving happiness to others. If you can make at least one person happy in a day your day will become worth. Forgetting our own selfish needs and sharing things with others who really are in need of them.. will give us true happiness. It is not necessary that only through money you can give happiness to people, but listening to their problems and understanding them too, can give them happiness. Especially, old people in our houses and even in old age homes who are living life without their families.
People don’t have time to spend with them but few hours or even minutes spent with them can give a big smile on their faces.

Just sit in silence and think how much you have and how much you want. Do you really want it and will it make any difference in your life…. things can never give you satisfaction. It’s like an addiction which you feel like taking again and again, and one day you will realise that everything is useless.

Only your karma will go with you when you die otherwise everything is waste. So keep giving happiness to people and you will get it back automatically.
Shower your love on others and see how happy you can become in your life.


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