A thoughtless mind is the best workshop


Hahaha…you must have heard of the phrase, an empty mind is the devils workshop. Yes it’s correct. As a person sits idle he becomes lazy and looks for short cuts, which lead to wrong methods of working.

On the other hand a thoughtless mind is the best way to work. Keeping our minds stress free and working on our tasks makes sure that we achieve our goals very smoothly and quickly. If a person is given a task and he or she takes too much stress into finishing it then it will never give the required results. And again we will get stressed. So the cycle of stress goes on and on.

Keeping our minds thoughtless is like we experiencing heaven on earth. Now it’s in our own hands how we want it. A thoughtless mind can work wonders in your life. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to be thoughtless. It is not necessary that it will happen at once. But reminding your self again and again will train your mind. Let the thoughts come and go…as we can’t stop them. But don’t start collecting them otherwise your mind will soon become a garbage box.

A thoughtless mind is the best medicine for sleeplessness, stress, indigestion, pitta in body, heart diseases ,diabetes , blood pressure , obesity and the list gonna be longer and longer. Why to welcome these enemies? If we have this simple remedy with us.

So from now onwards go thoughtless…..and enjoy life


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