Resolving the rights and wrongs


No person in this world is exactly same as another. Even twins born on same day and same time are different. We all are different from each other.

I am right , you are wrong. Is it necessary to arrive at a conclusion of rights and wrongs? Never be judgemental…. neither for others nor for yourself. We are always guiding people of the do s and don’t s in their lives and even to ourself. It’s high time now. Stop giving yes and no’s to people as we are no one to decide whether people are right or wrong.. instead start guiding yourself.

This conflict of right and wrong can be resolved by accepting people as they are. Each and every person is right according to his or her own perspective. Nobody in any situation can be right or wrong for what they have done, as they have a valid reason behind that. If we understand this, half of the problems will be solved.

Accept people as they are and then make them understand that you are correct in your own ways. Tell them that it can be done in other ways too and explain them what benefits they can get, if they change their style of work. People will definitely understand.

Empathy is the key element required here. If we want to be happy then stop these rights and wrongs and say we all are different…. I can’t see what you can see, and you can’t see what I can see, but I believe that what you say is right in your own way.

If we really want to understand other person then the best way is to dive into other persons mind. It is a very interesting game. Conflict resolving or increasing is in our own hands. Guide and empower people. Give people energy of acceptance,respect, love and harmony. But before giving this to people your own mind should be stable and their should be no ups and downs going in your mind.

Use the word “it’s fine”. This will not deplete the energy in other person. Treat your mind as your own child,accept it, give love, and heal. First we should experiment it on ourselves and then only we will understand that it’s not easy to change other persons Sanskars, as they go in other directions as per their karmic accounts. Play with your own mind.

Past is past… it’s over. Completely go to next minute and try again and again.


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