Family! The best place in the world


I think the best moments spent in our lives are with our families. It is the best place where we can get immense happiness and pleasure specially mentally. We go anywhere in the world…it may be the most beautiful and relaxing place but when we step into our home after a long holiday, how do we feel? No matter how tired we are..meeting our family ,takes away all the tiredness.

We work for our family to see just one smile on their face. And if we are not able to give them that we keep on working harder and harder. What are we earning from it. It’s not money but actually it’s the happiness for our family members.

Family does not mean only husband wife and children. The grandparents are the most important part of it. They share such beautiful relationship especially with kids ,that nobody can take their place. There are people who prefer, living in nuclear families… but they are missing one of the most beautiful part of their lives. It’s a feeling of love, togetherness, unity, caring, protection, helping, understanding, etc.

Living in a family together teaches us…patience, tolerance, respect, sharing, etc. Which is not possible anywhere else. So it’s better to live with elders rather then staying alone and regretting when we grow old.

Family should be a stress buster, not a stress creator. There are lot of people who don’t want to go back home early as they are not comfortable. So they are more happy with their friends and spend more time with them. But all these are the temporary solutions and are fake. Never run away from the family,instead try to sort out the problems and make it a more happier place to live in.

Family should be such that when we step inside , we would not like to go out of that cocoon. It should give us a feeling of immense love and protection. But that’s not so simple , we need to sacrifice lot of things and put in efforts to keep all happy. It should be the most beautiful place to live in…and that’s what is real heaven which people are searching all around which they are never going to find anywhere else. It’s just a simple thing which we need to understand and are lives can be as perfect as we want.


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