Keep busy and be easy


An idle mind is a devils workshop…To keep oneself busy is the best and most important thing one can do for a stress free life. Never sit idle…it should be the mantra for your life. This way you feel more energetic throughout the day and you will be more productive. Often there s this general problem, minds get distracted very soon. Keep the mind focused and busy in something or the other all the time…so it does not have time to rome around here and there. Keep learning things which give you knowledge.

Rather than sitting idle and watching tv on a couch… Its preferable doing something which is more useful. It can be any kind of work may be things which you like .Even do things which you don’t like as you may create interest in them one day or will definitely learn something from them.

Watch movies but not only for the sake of entertainment but try to take out good things from it and implement in your practical lives. Go to holy places and see how people are worshipping god , what’s the reason behind their prayers? Knowledge can be taken offline as well as online which ever way we are comfortable. The motto should be keeping our mind occupied.

We have been born in this world to fulfil our responsibilities and achieve our goals which we need to discover. Make efforts to achieve them, rule out your weakness by learning new things each day. Listen to people carefully. Lot of people have verbal diarrhoea and they don’t have the habit of listening to others, they think only they are correct, and don’t bother to listen to people around them. But if you are silent and observant then u learn more.

So become workaholic and you will be more healthier than before both phisically and mentally.


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