Live like a child

Life should be lived like a child. Children are the best to learn from. No matter what you say to them, scold them,…. but still they love you. They are not at all serious in life. What they want is just love and play. Which should be a in everybody s life. As soon as we become serious , our journey will be full of problems. Be thoughtless like kids and you do yoga naturally the whole day, which is only possible if you are thoughtless. Live life happily as if we are going to die tomorrow.

People are passionate about their carrier, jobs, business, kids etc. But not about their life which is the most important thing for all of us. Our ultimate goal is not a good job or money or carrier , but it’s the happiness and blissfulness which we should want to achieve in our life.

We think that it’s too an early for somebody to attain all these things, but age is no bar for such beautiful things. Person who gets these, needs nothing else in this world. Even millions and billions of money can’t help you buy happiness.

So all of us need to understand the importance of happiness in our day to day lives. This is possible by slowly and steadily involving our mind into yog. It’s not just sitting at one place and chanting mantras with your eyes closed ,but the right way to implement such things and acts in our daily lives is through training our minds again and again towards the right way .Ignite yourself with yog by becoming thoughtless like a child.

There should be me time in the whole day when you detach yourself from people and things around you and think of only what gives you happiness in life. Is it money , kids , family , success in business or something else. If you dive down deep inside you will find out that all these things will give you temporary happiness but what gives you Long term happiness is connecting yourself with god. Its just one step away from you. You just need to hold hands with god which is inside you. So start discovering by your inward senses and enjoy your life to the fullest.


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