Shape situations as per our mind


This person irritates me, that person did not talk to me in the right way, she is making too much noise which I don’t like, he is not behaving as I want….and the list is endless. Do you really think our mind like all these thoughts? Are we really comfortable with such things in our mind? No, not at all.

If things happening outside are according to our own wish then we are happy. We become unhappy in an opposite situation. Nobody is making us unhappy, we become unhappy.This is because our mind is not in our control but someone else is controlling it. It’s like a t v whose remote is in other people’s hands which they can switch on and off whenever they want.

If situations are unpleasant then it’s more important for us to be pleasant from within. We ourself will suffer if we become unpleasant from inside. In this way we are poisoning our system.We need to open our eyes in the same way as a driver drives with his eyes open so that he or she doesn’t meet accidents.

Give instructions to your mind. If it does not happen, pay little more attention. The right way is that we should be able to shape situations as per our minds and not the situations shaping our minds.


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