Identify yourself


If someone ask you, who are you? What will be your answer?
People’s identities are attached to either their own name, parents name, their husband s name, the name of their company, etc, but all these are their physical identities and not the real ones. The more you rely upon them, you become their prisoner for the whole life.

For eg.if our self respect is attached to our new car , what will happen to us when it becomes old? Same thing for your business and job…it’s everything for you. If one day you are in a good financial position and on some other day you face a financial crisis or loose your job,then nobody will want to know you. Sometimes people loose their desire to live. Same thing happens in realationships too. All these are false identities and crazy part is that we can never be satisfied even if we maintain them.

These false identities does not allow us to keep our mind stable and we either suffer with inferiority or superiority complex. Even if I’m successful myself …having my identity based on that success means I’m a slave to it.

Once u have an identity it is prejudice. Mind rotates around what you are identified with. What you call as your body is just like your food….which you can eat but it can’t be you. What you accumulate is yours but can never be you.

So now we should understand how to get out of these wrong notions. Actually, the things which we think are our identities are not at all ours, as nothing gonna stay with us till death. What stay with us is our karma, good thoughts, and connection with god. Identify your innerself and connect your inner consciousness with the outward consciousness . Discover your inner you which you are not aware of. This will not happen in one day but continuous yog will help you reach your goal.


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