How to handle situations


We all are living in a world where there are series of situations happening one after the other.
Nobody can control any situation in any given condition. There are circumstances which come and go on their own pace.

Our role is not to allow situations happening around us affect ourself. They are good and bad both. How do we define? Good situations will definitely make us happy. But what about the bad ones? If something happens in your life which you think is not as per your choice , is bad. Or if a situation comes when your whole world comes upside down… we have to still take things positively , as each and every episode happening comes to teach us something and make us a stronger person.

What we need to understand is , not to get emotional as our situation is in our own hands. For eg.if an actor gets envolved in each and every role he or she performs then what will happen…so behave like an actor who performs his roles without getting attached to his role. Your performance will automatically be smooth if you don’t get envolved. We need to take care of our own dialogues otherwise our performance will be spoiled.

We all as actors need to write our own script. Don’t try to write another persons script otherwise our energy will be wasted.We are on a journey and pain is our own creation. It’s my choice whether I want to take it or not. Nobody is allowed to switch on or switch off my button.

If a storm comes to your life don’t flow with it. Remember that you are on a journey…so detach yourself from the pains and keep calm. Don’t give your remote in other persons hand ,it’s only you yourself who can help. People who can understand these simple things will be able to manage themselves better as they need to become their own engineers.


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