Train your brain

There are so many thoughts coming to my mind which I would love to share with you. I am going to start it with yog kriya.
First we talk about karma which we all do in our daily lives. Karma means actions. We are performing actions the whole day but are they giving us the desired results? No not in every case. The reason is we are not doing it with the right intention. Whenever we do karma we should keep in our minds one thing.. whatever I do , god is supporting me in that task. There will be a huge difference in this quality of karma. People are the best judge and they themselves will appreciate your way of doing things.
Next we talk about Bhakti. Bhakti means doing all actions for god. That means devotion. Devotion in in each and every task we do.
And last one we talk about Gyana ..Gyana is a combination of both karma and Bhakti. If Gyana happens then we can do our work with purity and consciousness.

The last word I have used is the most important thing to learn in our life. The main aim of Yog kriya which we are talking about is to expand our consciousness.
People say that x person is really lucky as he or she is able to achieve its goals very quickly. But there are so many people who are still working hard but not able to achieve what they want.

We all need to do yog kriya. That is expanding our consciousness and creating our own luck. Expand your vision and then only you can achieve your goal.

Karma , Bhakti and Gyana which we discussed above. But the sequence should be like this:

Gyana is thoughts which at first comes to our minds before doing any action . As soon as the thoughts come to our minds we start doin action that is karma.but in this process the most essential thing required is missing that is Bhakti.
Bhakti means emotion or feeling. What ever task we do in our lives , if we put the right feeling in it the results will be awesome. When the flow is correct u get the desired result.
If the emotions are right then it will lead to change in thoughts and we will do the correct action and achieve our kriya yog acts as a catalyst in converting one energy into another. It fastens the process.
What we all are doing is, contracting our consciousness. So correction in thoughts and emotions is needed so that we can expand our consciousness.


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